"501,272" 1992
The installation surrounds the viewer with latex skin, and deals with desire, hopes, and personal myth in the new age of sex, blood tests, political events, education, and trust.
Description of Installation: Nine framed gelatin-silver prints hung on the upholstered latex walls, floor, and ceiling of a 4'x8'x8' self-standing constructed room; pungent smell.

Installation 1988
Inspired by Carl Jung's writing on the anima and animus, this installation of complex multi-layered images relate the psyche, confronting sexual identity, gender, and religion.
Description of Installation: Fifteen large-scale, single-surface, hand-colored, framed gelatin-silver prints hung on upholstered salon-style red satin walls, with sound; pungent and sweet smell.

Domestic Series 1985-87 {Graduate School}
Done with a filter that fit onto the lens of a 35mm camera, allowing each half of a frame to be exposed in progression, these self portraits were made one side after the other, changing back and forth. Cliche and gender roles are explored. The final prints were made 30” x 40”.