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View of the Empire State Building from the Seventh Floor
© J. John Priola 2005
A 43 second excerpt from a video projection piece that is looped, silent and 1 minute and 6 seconds in length

As you look at the seemingly still image of the Empire State Building, split second flares of tourist's camera flashes from the 86th floor observation deck become noticeable. The piece
asks for a quiet consideration to perceive the fleeting yet evidentiary moments of presence and
existence and speaks directly to my desire to bear witness to the evidence of human lives and
what is left behind in their wake.

This piece is projected directly onto a white wall from a nine-foot distance in a dim but not
completely darkened space. The image is not bigger than 49”x 34.5”. It is in a vertical
orientation and therefore requires the projector to be mounted on its side. Its’ debut was at
Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco in May 2005.

This DVD was made possible by a grant from the John Anson Kittredge Fund